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One-day working period at het Nieuw Utrechts Toneel for the Out of Office art route, 06/2021. Directed by Mariëlla van Apeldoorn

Text: Mariëlla van Apeldoorn, translated from Dutch

Going to school, studying and working until your retirement. It’s what we’re used to, what most people simply do, and it might even be how you see your future

The Out of Office art route is an artistic research on labor, from the perspective of the non-laboring. Together with various artists, director Mariëlla van Apeldoorn entered into conversations with people who aren’t working. This can be because someone became incapacitated, is psychologically vulnerable, takes care of the children full-time, has retired, or financially simply doesn’t need to make any money. Every conversation was transformed into an artwork by a visual artist within a day, based on the story of the interviewee

NUT 01.jpg


Out of Office 01.jpg

Videoworks by

Mariëlla van Apeldoorn

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