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Video installations in collaboration with

Gökay Atabek



Residency/exhibition at Extrapool, Nijmegen. 02/2021.

In collaboration with Gökay Atabek

Every year, Extrapool visits the Dutch art academies’ graduation shows. What are these young artists concerned with? How do they shape their work at the end of their time at the academy? In the summer of 2020, well known circumstances complicated their graduation. Academies presented their graduates at a later time, or exclusively online. We would have liked to have Destillaat take place physically, but unfortunately this has turned out to be impossible.


Destilaat’s strength is its working period that takes place before the exhibition. Luckily, Extrapool has been able to offer this to the artists in an adjusted form and in a safe way. 


Destillaat #22 is presenting the work of the following young artists:


Angelique Farge (Amsterdam), Gökay Atabek (Den Haag) Judith Reijnders (Maastricht),WONNE (Arnhem), Dave Fransz (Enschede), Goretti Pombo (Rotterdam), Eugenie Boon (Den Haag), Daan Mulder (Den Bosch)

Stabcam /  Piggy Stabham



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