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Graduation Show Poppy, are you there? at Theater Artemis, 's Hertogenbosch, 10/2020,  in collaboration with musicians Annabel Schouten, Jonas Kroese, and Chad Thépass. Soundtrack composing by Annabel Schouten. Soundtrack recording and mix by Chad Thépass. Written, designed, directed, filmed, edited and produced by Daan Mulder. 

Film installation with live performance, in which Mulder climbs into the skin of a fictional character, called the Mechanic. As this character, he puts himself in absurdist scenarios, in which he has to overcome a self-imposed obstacle by using makeshift sculptures from his studio. In Playing murdered innocence, the Mechanic’s wish is to achieve happiness, and the obstacle is his refusal to follow the beaten path in order to gain it. Instead, he tries to abuse the power of everyday superstition so he can strong-arm life into giving him some hard earned happiness. He is confident his unhinged contraptions will get the job done, but he soon finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game from which both parties want to emerge as victor.


As part of the video installation, the soundtrack is performed live by a group of musicians; Annabel Schouten on violin, Jonas Kroese on drums, and Chad Thépass and Daan Mulder as multi-instrumentalists.

Winner: Lucasprijs 2020

Nominee: JBZ Award 2020

Film installation Playing Murdered Innocence, continuous loop. Soundtrack was audible on headphones and during live performances


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