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Performance/manifestation at the Fabriek Eindhoven by fourth year Fine Art students from AKV St. Joost, 2020

During this manifestation, Mulder rushes by on his camera-mounted Scooter to shoot and capture material, later to be projected on the Fabriek’s walls when both audience and performers have simmered down


Photo’s by: Amel Omar, Sid Dankers

Alter ego/film installation, 2019

The spectator makes their way through a route, specifically designed to alter their mood, and leave them behind in a state of confusion.



The Mechanic is dissatisfied with his own nature, which he tries to transcend by using his strange contraption.

Experiential theatre performance at the Live Art Festival Breda 2019, in collaboration with Manon Jeuken, Wanda Tiersma, Daaf Brouwers and Jim van den Heuvel.


A team of ‘specialists’ feed into the delusions of a megalomanic young man, causing his ego to burst and go up in flames. His ashes are sucked up in a strange kind of dustbuster, and taken away for sinister purposes.

On-location theatre performance, in collaboration with Barend van Daal and the Metaalkathedraal Utrecht, 2019. Musicians: Kelvin Klaassen, Annabel Schouten, Jonas Kroese


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