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Film installation Stab-cam

Video on field monitor (continuous loop)

Audio through headphones

Stabcam Still 02.jpg
Stabcam 01.jpg


Exhibition at Willem Twee Kunstruimte, 's-Hertogenbosch, 09/2021

Willem Twee Kunstruimte and artists’ initiative Ongekend bring together the artworks of 14 artists that have graduated from St. Joost School of Art & Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the past five years. Some of them are fresh from the academy and are showing their graduation works. Others have developed their work in completely different directions since their graduation and are now showing these new works for the first time.

The works in ‘Shaped and Outgrown’ strongly vary in medium, material and theme. United in variety, they give an impression of the diversity of artists that have started their artistic careers at the same place.

Daan Mulder graduated in 2020 with Playing Murdered Innocence, a film installation about a mechanic that tries to use his strange, home-made contraptions to achieve happiness. With this, he won the Lucas Prize for best graduation work. His alienating installations, in which he combines film, sculpture and performance, are often about the absurdity of human behaviors. Mulder himself considers his work to be a ‘’healthy exercise in madness’’. In his new work, Stabcam, Mulder weaponizes his anger following the death of a loved one. By enlarging a moment of aggression, he shows us that anger isn’t just ugly or sad, but that it also harbors a great amount of beauty.

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